MavisPickett-BW-2Mavis Pickett lost her thirty-year-old daughter in a skiing accident. Unable to overcome her grief she signed up for a therapeutic humour course. It turned out to be a course in Stand Up comedy. As time passed the humour worked magic in Mavis’ life and she became known, Canadawide, as a successful “senior comic”

She has appeared on Vicki Gabereau, Open Mike with Mike Bullard, Arthur Black, Fanny Keefer, the Early Edition with Rick Cluff, Richardson’s Roundup, CBC and CTV National news. Two feature presentations have won national awards. She is currently appearing in a global TV presentation called “Laughing Through the Pain”. She has been featured in Arthur Black’s book “Black and White and Read All Over”, and David Granier’s book “The Happy Neurotic”. She has appeared with Brent Butt of “Corner Gas” and was the opening act for Andrew Grose of “Just for Laughs”. She has had feature articles in The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Sun, the Vancouver Province and numerous local newspapers. She recently appeared in Palm Springs and at Rumor’s the top comedy spot in Winnipeg.

She was the Keynote speaker for “Crossroad Hospice” with Tony Parsons (Global), at the Save On Foods Awards Dinner, and winner of the Red Hat Idol competition and their keynote speaker. Mavis was a finalist in the Lighthouse Awards Programme for exceptional seniors.

Mavis was booked for three major conventions and a three-day workshop presentation in Kitchener along with her regular standup circuit. She was featured at a Birthday Bash in her honour at Lafflines, She was featured in the new Zoomer Magazine for 50+. She is on the cover of Senior Living Magazine which includes a feature article of her career. She is also on the cover and has a feature article in the greater Vancouver Directory.  She had a cameo appearance on “The Colbert Report, and was featured in “Mature Focus” a publication from Moline Il, USA.

Before retiring in 1993 Mavis was an educator teaching in St. James and Fort Garry in Winnipeg, and the University of Manitoba.